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At Total Dental and Denture Care we specialise in dentures in Adelaide. With millions of people all over the world requiring dentures, these days dentures vastly enhance a person’s appearance, as well as importantly their oral health.

Types of Dentures:

1) Partial Dentures

A partial denture is ideal for those missing a few teeth. It can either fill in the gaps of missing teeth of can leave sporadic spaces for remaining natural teeth.

Alternatively, there is the implant method which is growing in popularity. Titanium rods are positioned straight into the jaws’ boney ridges and individual teeth are attached to each post. Conversely, a denture bridge can be fitted to the rods, which are placed in just the front surface of the gum.

2) Full Denture

Full dentures are required when a person is missing all of their natural teeth. It can be used to replace upper teeth, lower teeth or both. A full denture is commonly fitted once you’ve had the last of your teeth removed or when you are having an old denture replaced. However, on some occasions teeth have to be left to heal for a few months before you can fit dentures.

Full dentures are made to fit securely over your jawbone and gums. To create the perfect fit for you we take an impression of your mouth. From there we will assess the appearance, colour and shape and adjust these features accordingly.

For more information about our denture care please give our dentists a call.